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Hi all and welcome to todays blog. As you may or may mot know we are a family run chimney sweeping company since 1964. We have been Certified for nearly 15 years previously with the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps now with Sweep Safe.

Daniel was the former education director and Chairman for GOMCS and recently formed Sweep Safe, Daniel is a director of Sweep Safe and Danny a regional Assessor sitting on the Sweep Safe Council.

We are proud Certified members of Sweep Safe and Registered chimney sweeps and installers with HETAS

So what is the difference between a registered Chimney Sweep and non-registered chimney sweep?

First of all there is a set standard. All registered chimney sweeps will have been audited, trained and assessed to a set minimum standard, Sweep Safe also sets a minimum experience requirement. Each association has different standards. 4 associatons are approved by Hetas, Sweep Safe being one of them. We Feel Sweep Safe Standards are the highest in the industry.


All registered chimney sweeps have to be insured to a minimum of £2 million public liability or they cannot be signed off as a member of the association. At Hodgsons we have £5 million public liability and 500k professional Indemnity. How do you know an unregistered chimney sweep is insured without them being externally verified?


Chimney Sweeping is far from a simple job. We have to cover all bases, from initial inspection, to cleaning, servicing, repair and maintenance. A chimney sweeps job coming into 2020 is much bigger now than it was in 1964. There are very many more appliances now than there has ever been, as registered chimney sweeps we have to do mandatory refreshers. Sweep Safe also offer specific manufacturers training to deal with certain appliances.

If the sweep hasnt been externaly verified and trained do they have the Skills needed to do the job properly and safely?

Health and safety

As an association sweep we understand the risks involved doing the job we do. Infact Daniel Helped write masterful sweeping nearly 10 years ago and has just written a new updated Technicians manual. The Sweep Safe Comprehensive Reference Guide. In the last 10 years our Health and Safety tactics have had to move on, along with our updated knowledge of the industry and what we do. This is why we use PAPR Respirators, aircleaners, dust pre seperators, H Rated vacuums, Disposable sheets, poly and many other resources to stop contamination of ourselves and your property.

Mr danny hodgson in full PPE for a Chemical Creosote Removal job


As Sweep Safe Chimney Sweeps we use the Sweep Safe Certificate. This is accepted by all major insurances companies, in the event on a issue occurring your insurance company may ask for a certificate of works. Will the unregistered chimney sweep be able to issue a recognised certificate? We highly doubt it.

The Sweep Safe Certificate issued by Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps.


As registered chimney sweeps we are ofcourse accountable to our customers, ourselves and we are accountable to our respected association. We have to adhere to their rules and regulations to remain members.


We can only speak for ourselves here. As authors of much of the Technical content for the UK chimney industry we like to think our standards are amongst the highest in the industry.


Do your research prior to booking your sweep. There are very many chimney sweeps in the UK, over 5500. But, there are only around 2000 that have taken the time, money and effort to become Certified and registered professionals. It could save you money, it could protect your family from a fire or worse. After all we are dealing fires in your living area!

If you are looking for a registered professional Chimney Sweeping Company. Contact Us!

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  1. Anthony Bourke

    Hi Daniel, my name is Anthony. I’ve been wondering how would sweep safe work for me as I’m in Ireland? Look forward to hearing from you
    Regard Anthony


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