Do you need a chimney pot?
If your pot is cracked, excessively worn or incorrectly sized then it will need replacing.
Do I need a bird or a rain cowl?
The answer to this is in the question, if you have excessive rain ingress or a problem with birds then yes, you do.
Does your chimney need capping?
  • If your chimney is unused or not in operation then at Hodgson’s we would recommend a cap to prevent rain and bird entry.
  • Installing a cap would also better your carbon footprint as it would prevent your much beloved heat escaping your room.
Do you have the correct terminal?
  • If you have an incorrect terminal, it is likely your appliance will malfunction and cause excessive build-up of soot and carbon monoxide putting your family at risk unnecessarily.
  • Using our experience we can tell you whether or not your terminal is correct and safe and what to replace it with.
Chimney sweeping in exeter, checking the smoke on cannon chimney pots. Hodgsons chimney sweeps noticed the terminals are incorrect

Picture of incorrect terminals.
Chimney sweeping i devon, these are the cowlings that the Hodgsons chimney sweeps install

Hightop birdguard