Why would my flue require a CCTV inspection?
There are many reasons as to why your flue may need a CCTV inspection.

  • To check for obstructions/ blockages.
  • To investigate suspected damage.
  • To look for combustible materials.
  • To settle party wall disputes.
  • Pre flue lining
  • Thatch property for insurance purposes.
  • On moving to a new property to discover the condition of the flue.
  • To check to see the condition of a flue liner or whether one is fitted.
  • As part of a HETAS Safety Inspection.

    We often undertake CCTV inspections on one or both flues of a party wall and prior to commencement of works, which may cause damage to the flue system or chimney, with a follow up camera survey once works are complete.

    How do we do it?

    At Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps we use Wohler Vis series Pan and Tilt CCTV camera inspection systems, these are not cheap but are up to the job for detailed analysis of the flue and chimney system.

    The pan and tilt functions means we can scan the chimney walls to look in depth at faults and defects.

    Most chimneys/ flues can be surveyed from the bottom up. Some exceptionally large flues/ chimneys require inspecting top down.

    Upon payment following completion of a camera survey we provide a full written report this includes pictures of any faults detected.