It is a known fact that brick chimneys leak as bricks are porous however there is a point at which too much leakage will stop the chimney working.

A chimney works under a vacuum, so if you equate it to drinking through a straw that has a hole in you can understand that its function can be hindered.

Why or when do I need an integrity test?

  • Building control requires it when there is a change of use or prior to the installation of a solid fuelled appliance.
  • You suspect fumes may be leaking out somewhere
  • Following a party wall dispute where a neighbour may have leakage into their property
  • You have a new build with an untested chimney
  • The appliance hasn’t been used in over 3 years and or its condition must be known prior to use.

At Hodgson’s we have several DP23 testing machines which measure the leakage of your chimney rather than guessing with smoke. The main advantage of this equipment is that there is no access required to other dwellings and rooms as it is needed with smoke testing. It is also accurate and repeatable.