During the spring Mother Nature does her thing and birds look for somewhere warm and dry to nest. Unfortunately that warm dry spot can often be the inside of our chimneys.

If you see jackdaws circling your chimney pot or start to get twigs falling down the chimney then you probably have a nest. This must be removed as it causes a blockage and poses a chimney fire hazard and carbon monoxide risk.

Other associated issues involving Birds Nests include:

  • Damp, nests hold mositure and prevent the flue from “breathing” .
  • Infestation, when fledgings die the flue, nest and room below will become infested with maggots and bluebottles
  • Stench, birds nest are in essence “live” and due to the above they smell really fail.
  • Disease, bird faeces carries nasty diseases such as histoplasmosis.

As conscientious people Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps will not remove nests while birds are still nesting in them. If you make a booking towards the back end of summer we can remove the nest without fear of harming the chicks.

Birds arent the only things which nest in Chimneys.

Bees and wasps often find homes in chimneys, a registerd pest controller/ beekeeper is best called to deal with bees and wasps nest. The remainder of the nest after the bees/ wasps are safely removed can then be dealt with by us the chimney sweeps!

Squirrels also nest in chimneys though uncommon they are dealt in the same way as birds.