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Biomass installations require regular specialised servicing which must only be carried out by trained engineers with the appropriate experience and equipment.

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps ticks all of those boxes.

The engineers at Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps are trained and equipped to service and sweep most Biomass installations.

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps undertake Biomass Servicing and Testing throughout Devon and the South West

Pellet Biomass Boiler

We offer a specialist Chimney, flue sweeping and a consultation service for both domestic and commercial biomass appliances.

We are able to Sweep, Service and Advise on:

  • Wood Gasification boilers
  • Pellet systems
  • Woodchip systems
  • System sizing and placement
  • Proper function of the system including fuel quality and type
Biomass Pellet boilers that Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps regularly service and maintain through Devon and Cornwall

Typical pellet boiler set up

Specialist equipment must be used when servicing these appliances. For example a flue gas analyser used to measure the C0 content of gas may be able to read up to 1000ppm but measurement of up to 100,000ppm may have to be measured with solid fuel biomass boilers making most flue gas analysers unsuitable. To undertake Biomass servicing and not perform flue gas analysis on completion is irresponsible and unprofessional. Flue gas analysis is the only method to ascertain correct function in accordance with manufacturers criteria to establish efficiency and fault find.

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps use the latest Wohler RP 72 Soot Test Pump for testing through the burn phase.

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps use the latest Wohler Flue Gas Analysers as part of our servicing protocol.

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps use Wohler Flue Gas Analysers for Biomass Servicing throughout the UK

Wohler Flue Gas Analyser

Accurate flue draught measurements must also be taken and documented when servicing a biomass installation Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps uses Wohler Flue Draught Testers ensuring accuracy and quality.

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps use specialist Wohler flue draught guages and testing equipment

Wohler Flue Draught Guage

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps undertakes Biomass Sweeping, Servicing and Maintenance throughout Devon and the South West of England.

If you are interested in the service be it a commercial or domestic dwelling please email us at

Text, Whatsapp or Call: 07914115770 

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For more of our Commercial works look at our Commercial Chimney Sweeping page

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  1. chris Terry

    Hi I have a Windhager Biowin2 pellet boiler . I am looking for an annual service/ repair contract. We are based ear Liskeard in Cornwall.



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