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Hi all and welcome to todays Blog. I am Danny Hodgson a master Chimney Sweep of over 10 years experience working with our family firm established in 1964.

What is Experience?

The text book definition of Experience is: the first person effects or influence of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it.

So how does this relate to chimney sweeping and your fire?

Simply put, the more experienced your Chimney Sweep, providing your chimney sweep has been taught correctly to begin with, the more and better the chimney sweep can handle different situations.

We can relay knowledge gained via training, courses etc faster and better with more Experience.

From a safety persepective the Chimney Sweep will have come across many issues troubles etc, and will not be learning in your property.

They will have connected these knowledge dots and relay on their Experience to solve the issues.

With these connections in place any issues you have as a consumer the long standing reputable company will have likely dealt with. And If I cant personally deal with your issue, I will use a more Experienced member of our team. Over the last 55 years the Hodgsons and Doles have Swept 100s of thousands of chimneys and seen 100s of thousands potential issues and solutions.

There are also different levels of Experience

Experience comes in all different shapes, sizes and forms. From low level to high level, mistakes made in the past, learning from others in the Companies mistakes, training courses, life experience to being reactive to issues.

So when you are shopping around for your quote for your sweep and service dont look at the cheapest price, the new starter will often be cheaper. They will not have this level of experience dealing with your chimneys, fires, flues and problems in general.


Thank you for Reading.

And Merry Christmas Everyone ???

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