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Chimney Fire Safety is a National Consumer Awareness Campaign involving the Fire Services, HETAS, Chimney Sweeping Associations such as Sweep Safe and individual Chimney Sweeping Companies.

Statistically there were 4015 chimney fires in the UK in 2017-2018. These are the Fires that were recorded by the Fire Services and logged. It is actually believed by us and the fire services there could be 10 times that number.

Chimney fires are devastating and cause major damage to property and risk to life.

An insurance approved chimney sweeping certificate is extremely important when booking your Sweep in. If they dont offer one, dont book them!

So what can industry professionals do to raise awareness?

Share! Share anything you see regarding Chimney Fires from the chimney sweep associations, HETAS or the Fire Brigades.

EDUCATE! Educate your customers on How to Burn their fire properly snd when best to sweep and inspect their chimney.

Work Together! Its a big industry with some 5000 chimney sweeps thats a lot of marketing power when working as a collective.

Thank you for reading and dont forget to Contact Us! For all your Sweeping needs.

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