Chimney Sweeping


**Terms and Conditions:**

– For bookings of over 4 chimneys in 1 property or multiple occupancies, please contact us through our webform or call our office at 07914115770.
– Additional services required can be paid for on the day via card or cash to Danny, our lead technician.
– Payment via Stripe.
– Service bookings will be scheduled within the next available slot in your area.
– During busy seasons, wait times can extend up to 6 weeks, but we’ll do our best to get you booked in ASAP.

Thank you for choosing Hodgsons 🔥!

**Pricing Information:**

We specify a starting price for Chimney Sweep appointments, acknowledging the possibility of unforeseen circumstances like birds’ nests, blockages, and repairs. Your designated chimney technician, Danny, will communicate with you and provide a detailed explanation for any additional costs that may be necessary.

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