Chimney Drone Inspection


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Need a quick, easy and effective way to check on the state of your chimney? Then our Chimney Drone Inspection Service may be for you!

Using the latest technology, we can fly drones fitted with high quality video cameras to the tallest of chimneys.

As we are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority, we are legally allowed to fly up to 400ft in altitude – which than covers the majority of chimneys in the UK! Our inspection service – which covers the majority of the South West will enable you to:

  • Get bespoke, professional advice on the state of your chimney
  • Receive advice on any repairs works needed
  • Save time and money as you won’t need to hire scaffolding or a cherry picker!

We can cover most types of properties, from standard domestic and commercial buildings to Listed Heritage Properties & Sites of National & Local Historical Importance

Our fees for standalone drone inspections start from as little as £120 for the first chimney stack, and an additional £50 for each chimney stack thereafter.

Please be aware that drone inspections depend on a number of elements, including suitable weather and the property being outside of a designated ‘No Fly Zone’. Proximity to other objects including tall trees, utilities or neighbouring properties may also impact on the ability to conduct an inspection.