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Hi all welcomes to todays blog.

I am Danny Hodgson Chimney Sweep of over 10 years experience and Sweep Safes South West Area Assessor.

Today we will be product reviewing G-C-T or glazed creosote treatment from Stove Industry Supplies.

Glazed Creoste Treatment

*WARNING* This product is potentially HAZARDOUS and must ONLY be used by Trained, Registered Professionals

Undertaking Such treatments requires different insurances than standard chimney sweeping.

It also requires much more personal protective equipment and better respiratory protective equipment.

A basic tool kit for a treatment includes.

  • hazardous waste rated vacuum with HEPA unit.
  • Disposable asbestos overalls
  • Chemical rated gloves
  • PAPR full face respirator with FFP3 filters with High Efficiency
  • Vacuum pre seperator
  • Asbestos rated removal bags
  • Commercial waste bin
  • Waste carriage license
  • Upgraded insurances
  • Risk assessments
  • Dust management system such as a DCAC500 HEPA filtration unit.
  • Disposable sheets
  • Sealing kit to seal apertures.
  • X2 heavy duty fan heaters
  • Compressor with suitable attachments or duster for smaller flues.
  • Tub of G-C-T
  • Suitable kit to extract modified tars.

This is just a quick overview of the kit needed to undertake such treatment.

Always follow the manufacturers instructions. This blog is how we apply such a product and is Not to be used a training guide.

This blog is not definitive always seek advice from the manufacturers.

We have been testing G-C-T for a little over 6 months now.

The product is applied in the same way as creaway and directions for use are similar.

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps Set up for applying GCT

We have found the treatment “sticks” to the creosote just as well as creaway and breaks down tar in a similar way.

Midway through a Chimney Tar Treatment in Oxford Flue coated in GCT in oxford

We are yet to receieve the full product data sheet. The manufacturers hve stated the substance is not cancer causing however. PPE must still be used and dust control measures in the property remain the same as applying creaway.

The use of asbestos rated disposable overalls, PAPR respirator and chemical rated gloves is highly advised and is how we approach such chemicals.

The products reaction is similar in affect to that of creaway but in some cases did react more quickly within 2 weeks of heat treatment using a 3kw fan heater. Or in larger flues x2 3kw Fan Heaters

The flue does require warming. The use of a fan heater is advised.

The GCT can be applied via compressor or via a DR5 Duster.

On clean up and disposal all soot is disposed of into asbestos bags. Sealed and put into our Red commercial waste Bin.

Mr Danny Hodgson in full PPE during a GCT treatment of a flue system in Kenn, Exeter

Take a look through some photos of recent treatments

This flue took 3 treatments of GCT over a period of 3 months. Approximately 12 bags of tar removed.

Heavy glazed creosote Thick heavily glazed creosote Glazed creosote removed after several GCT treatments

This flue system took 2 treatments of GCT with approximately 4 poly sacks of tar removed

Grade 3 glazed creosote causing a major fire risk Chimney sprayed with GCT ready for activation and removal

Another GCT removal taking 3 treatments

Chimney coated in glazed creosote in Axminster Chimney sprayed with GCT ready for activation

This flue took 2 treatments to safely clear pictures shown are mid way through treatment

Chimney flue, nearly blocked with tar. Swept with Rotary chain flail in Seaton, Devon Chimney post sweep, undertaking GCT

All in all the product is effective and does what it says on the tin. The product is also cheaper than similar products.