Long gone are the days of the Victorian chimney sweep and the idea of Mary Poppins.

Chimney sweeping is now a modern, clean process which involves, some paperwork, specialist equipment, testing and of course the cleaning process.

Sweeping your chimney will achieve.

  • Peace of mind
  • The removal of most flammable deposits including birds’ nests
  • The removal of soot which will eventually fall or create a blockage

During our visit we will perform many other checks included in the price in order to fulfil our job professionally and safely; these include a smoke draught test, ventilation check, CO alarm check, basic fire risk checks and an assessment of the chimney itself.

Upon receipt of payment we will issue a certificate and discuss any faults or problems that we have discovered if there are any.

For landlords a three part certificate is used with one copy for your record, one for the tenant and one for our records.