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There is a perception amongst the community that a guild master chimney sweep is the same as a standard guild member with a different name.

Hodgsons chimney sweeps are trainers for the guild of master chimney sweeps. Danny and daniel hodgson instructs chimney sweeps in devon, exeter and london

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This could not be further from the truth. There are many criteria to become a true master chimney sweep.

Danny Hodgson of Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps a master chimney sweep covering torquay and devon

Danny Hodgson Master Chimney Sweep

Firstly; the master chimney sweep must have a record of being a member of the guild of master chimney sweeps for over 2 years without any serious complaints. This is just start of a long list of requirements. Because a master chimney sweep can offer different services which include giving professional advice; professional idemnity insurance is required and a prerequisite alongside uprated public liabilty insurance. A master member of the guild can conduct advanced surveys and testing of your chimney, being qualified in both cctv inspection and integrity testing.

Hodgsons chimney sweeps use wohler vis 2000 camera survey and cctv survey equipment to inspect chimneys in devon. We often use the wohler vis 2000 when surveying thatch properties.

Wohler vis 2000 camera survey equipment

Master chimney sweeps are qualified to work at heights. Master chimney sweeps have undertaken and passed the h003 installers qualification through HETAS giving them a greater understanding of your appliance and installation than a standard guild sweep, and many like us are registered HETAS installers also, and are able to self certify our work through the CPS scheme.

Hodgsons chimney sweeps are HETAS registered installers and HETAS approved chimney sweeps in devon and london

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Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps are master members of the guild of master chimney sweeps and will offer an expert and professional service whatever you chimney needs.

Thank you for reading,

Master Chimney Sweep Danny Hodgson

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