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Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps were among the first chimney sweeps in the UK to be Sweep Safe Certified .

Hodgsons Chimney Sweeps are now area assessors for Devon and the South West, we will be assessing up and coming SweepSafe members to check for quality and that they meet the set critera and standard. New members will be put on a 3 month probation period whereby they have to successfully complete the SweepSafe assessment prior to becoming a full member.

Sweep Safe is an organisation for experienced chimney sweeps only.

The organisation is aimed only at experienced Chimney Sweeps and has a minimum requirement for prequisite experience.

Sweep Safe is concentrating on making the experienced chimney sweep more professional with continual professional development training.

Sweep Safe members will follow the rulebook issue a Chimney Safety certificate.

Sweep Safe are endorsing HETAS and understand that raising awareness for chimney safety is their key concern.

Sweep Safe are a HETAS approved chimney sweeping association and offer the cheapest most effective route for HETAS approval amongst all the Sweeping Associations.

Sweep Safe have gained exclusive trade discounts for its members by working with trade partners.

Sweep Safe will be offering training in marketing making your company stand out from the rest. Vinny Piana of Codastar is SweepSafes marketing expert. Sweep Safe understand that consumer awareness is key and have a staged marketing plan to get the brand seen by potential consumers.

For your local experienced Sweep Safe chimney sweep or for more information visit:

Purple is the new black

Look for the certified logo

Master Chimney Sweep

Danny Hodgson

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